Thursday, October 15, 2009

“The Midnight Lion”—Gustav Adolf

Gustav Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus) was the
Swedish king whose intervention in the
Thirty Years’ War was instrumental in preventing
Roman Catholic forces from
crushing the Lutheran Church.

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  1. Gustavus Adoluphus was prominently featured in Dodge's Great Captain's series, which still available in reprint from Greenhill (I think) and De Capo. Strictly a military study, King Gustav is referred to as the father of Modern Warefare, and is credited with advancing the art of war by a degree not known since the time of Julius Caesar. He was a revolutionary military organizer and tactician.

    Gustavus Adolphus: A History of the Art of War from its Revival After the Middle Ages to the End of the Spanish Succession War, with a Detailed Account of the Campaigns of the Great Swede, and the Most Famous Campaigns of Turenne, Conde, Eugene and Marlborough

    Yes, that's a long title...

    Freddy Finkelstein